Monday, April 9, 2012

What You Need To Start This Hobby

Ever wondered who started it all?

The origin of the Teddy Bear concerns a German soft toy manufacturer, Margarete Steiff, who at a young age was stricken with Polio. One day Margarete Steiff made a tiny elephant which she would let her little visitors play with. Since toys were very rare back then and the children loved playing with them, Margarete's mother began giving her orders for copies of the elephant as well as other toy animals. As time went by she started to train other women to help her and eventually set up a small factory.  

Here's what I promised, the list of Tools and Equipment to begin your stuffed toy making.

Tools & Equipment:

·         A clean work table, Formica-lined if possible 
·         2 pairs of scissors
·         Assorted colors of nylon thread
·         Assorted sizes of needles
·         A nap metal brush
·         A rubber mallet
·         A metal mallet block
·         A plastic or wood stick
·         A magnet
·         A puncher

     Raw Materials:

·         Pieces of cardboard or used folders
·         Ball point pens
·         Paste or glue
·         Fasteners

      Specific Raw Materials (per toy design)

  • ·   Plush fabrics (assorted colors and fur lengths)
  • ·     Plastic spangles (plastic eyes and plastic noses)
  • ·     Open weave polyester fiber (white, Class A/supersoft)
          Note:  A box containing all of these, with patterns and instruction manuals for 5 projects, is available upon request for a very affordable price.     
                         You may e-mail your request at

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