Monday, April 9, 2012

I Fell In Love With Stuffed Toy Making

Stuffed toys - plush buddies sewn to perfection.  Made to depict both common and rare species of living creatures for the delight of young and old alike.

Soft toys encourage play, which is an essential part of a child’s exploration of the world.  But above all, a cuddly toy is a gift bringing both comfort and joy to its happy owner, likewise, satisfaction and pleasure to its happy maker.

It is for these reasons that I indulged myself into this craft.  Pretty soon, I discovered why a lot of people these days consider soft toy making, a rewarding activity and a profitable craft.

How It all Began

I started my journey in soft toy making back in 1992, when I discovered Cottage Industry Technology Center.  Located at #20 Russet St., SSS Village, Marikina City, I found it to be a perfect place for an enthusiast, craving to learn lots of crafts.  Formerly called NACIDA or the National Cottage Industry Development Authority, it is a hub for exporters as well as producers of different handicrafts.

My training will last for 5 days only.  For me, that's not enough to master this form of art.  But I was assured by my trainer, the very talented and patient, Mrs. Anita Dimatulac, that she always welcome students whenever they have questions regarding a certain pattern or procedure.

Each day, I was informed, that I'm supposed to finish one project.
The list of my projects goes:

Day 1 - Teddy Bear
Day 2 - Piggy
Day 3 - Monkey
Day 4 - Doggie
Day 5 - Bunny

I almost jump out of excitement!  But when the tour along the workplace began, my jaw nearly drop....Aghast!!! I saw sewing machines...!  And I don't have the slightest idea how to use them!

How I survived my 5-day training in stuffed toy making?  Watch out for my next post.  There,  I will describe in detail what I have learned during my training.

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