Monday, April 9, 2012

Come Join Me As I Walk Back . . .

If you love stuffed toys
and would like to make your own at home,
then welcome to the wonderful world
of soft toy making !

I began making stuffed toys for my nieces and nephews back in 1992.  They became so popular among their friends and classmates.  My room was taken over by my soft toys collections and orders from the entire neighborhood kept pouring in I have to mass produce in 1994!

Pretty soon, my collections of toys were noticed by  friends and friends of friends.  They encouraged me to submit samples to big manufacturers.  I did. Sure enough, I was hired as a Product Developer in a stuffed toy factory in Muntinlupa City.  Among my creations were Smiley Hang Toys, Moose, my version of Tarsier and a lot more.

Remember when I told you I was surprised to find sewing machines back in our workplace at CITC?  Because I was afraid to use them.  Being mechanical, electrical and all that...the thought of me operating those machines made me shiver down my spine.  I'm an accident freak and so I'm always afraid whenever things, gadgets (that could inflict or injure) which I'm unfamiliar with were presented to me to utilize.

Thank heavens,  hand-sewing techniques will do for beginners in soft toy making.

So, I invite you dear readers to come and join me as I recount my early beginnings in this wonderful craft that tickled my imagination, brought me so much joy and plumbed the depths of my passion to create beautiful toys for all ages.

Are you ready?

Let's go !

First, let's take a look at the Workplace.

Be sure to have a suitable working space with proper ventilation and free from noise and other disturbances such as noisy kids, roaming pets and, of course, the TV set!  One must be focused because the entire stuffed toy making process requires concentration.

On my next post, the Tools & Equipment and specific Raw Materials used in stuffed toy making will be discussed.

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